Optimizing drug safety

monitoring to enhance patient safety and achieve better health outcomes.


About Monitoring Medicines

The Monitoring Medicines project (with the full title “Optimizing drug safety monitoring to enhance patient safety and achieve better health outcomes”) was set up in 2009. The aim of the project was to learn more about the underlying reasons why adverse reactions to medicines occur and what more can be done to reduce patient deaths and negative health impact globally from undetected medicine safety problems. The project idea was conceived and the project plan written by Shanthi Pal, Group Lead, Medicines Safety, WHO Headquarters, Geneva. The project received funding from the Seventh Framework Programme (FP-7) of the Research Directorate of the European Commission. The Uppsala Monitoring Centre coordinated the consortium consisting of the following partners:

1. Uppsala Monitoring Centre (Sweden)
2. World Health Organization (International)
3. Medical Products Agency (Sweden)
4. Lareb -Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre (Netherlands)
5. National Patient Safety Agency (UK)
6. Centre Antipoison et de Pharmacovigilance de Maroc (Morocco)
7. Copenhagen HIV Programme (Denmark)
10. Elliot Brown Consulting Ltd (UK)
11. Zuellig Family Foundation (Philippines)
12. University of Ghana Medical School (Ghana)
13. Pharmacy and Poisons Board (Kenya)

What is Monitoring Medicines?

The four themes are:
• Strengthening consumer reporting
• Pharmacovigilance centres collecting problems related to inappropriate drug use
• Better use of existing global pharmacovigilance data
• Developing active and focussed pharmacovigilance systems.

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